Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ok so I know having a corkboard is kind of middle school....but I have honestly always had one, whether my mom made it for me when I was 3 and spray painted it blue (because it is my favorite color, even back then) or when my sorority sister had made me one, which was painted blue (because it is still my favorite color).  Being the ripe old age of 26 now, I thought a blue spray painted may be a little bit juvenile.  I have been looking for beautiful and fun frames kind of every time I go out and have realized something.....

There are a plenty of frames out there, they just happen to already have unattractive pictures like sinks or grapes in it. 


I decided to just buy a frame that I loved at JoAnns (my home away from home, as pathetic as it is) ugly picture or not.  I then went over to the cork section and bought some rolled cork.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE DUCT TAPE ALSO!  Steps....

1)  I ripped (literally ripped with pliers) the picture off the back of the frame

2)  The glass still intact (apparently it was glued on), so I wrapped the whole frame in a towel and knocked the glass out with a hammer.

3)  I rolled out the cork to the size of the hole on the back and cut the cork to fit.

4)  I secured the cork with white duct tape.

The finished product.