Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Well today I am starting my first blog ever. Always thought they were kind of lame, but don't knock it till you rock it...sorry if I offended anyone for calling this lame. I'm watching "Julie and Julia," and got the epiphany to start a blog. I kinda of felt like I belonged in the movie, because at the time I was cooking some gorgonzola stuffed burgers. It was amazing. I had one for the first time at "Brix" on Central Ave in downtown orlando and fell in love. I figured it couldn't be that hard so I looked up a recipe and added a few things I always put into burgers. I love smelling the thyme I put into makes me feel like a real cook when I use fresh herbs, and the fact I actually like the smell and taste of them, makes me feel so cultured. If you dont know me, you must know I am the pickiest eater alive. Basically the only thing i have consistently loved, or rather even liked, was cheese. I have tried it all and the only one i dont care for is cottage, but i dont really consider that a cheese anyways.

I have never thought of myself as someone who likes to cook, until I was forced to take "Quantitative Food Prep," to complete my Hospitality Management Bachelors from the FABULOUS Rosen school @ UCF. I loathed the thought of taking it, partly because I had to take off my nails that I had kept up with since I was a sophomore in high school. I know it sounds vain, but my cuticles get infected and gross. Well they didn't during the class, but thats besides the point. Ok FINE! I think my fingers look like little fat sausages without nails on!! Anyways.....I had Kevin Murphy as my teacher and highly suggest anyone else take him if you are at Rosen. He is absolutely amazing! I forget who my food lab teacher was, but she was nice too.

The class began with everyone making a soup or stew out of the book. Cheese broccoli soup = epic fail. I thought, "F, this class is going to blow." We get to eat everything we make at the end of class, but I have yet to find a soup or stew I like. Next class we made "bread/dessert items," and I got buttermilk biscuits. This is going to blow your mind, but I dont like biscuits. Chocolate mousse was though. We eventually got into the good stuff...BREAKFAST FOOOOOOOODS! I got eggs benedict. I was told by both of the professors, I made the best poached eggs they had ever seen. That was nice. It was pretty amazing looking. It didn't look like skin was hanging off of it or anything. Whammy. I tried at the hollandaise sauce twice and apparently if you dont have the correct wrist movement, it doesn't set well and falls apart, which it did on me both times...I emotionally ate my weight in cheese omelets that day. One thing that really stood out was my cockiness towards jalapeño peppers. Dont be cocky or fear looking stupid. Wear the clothes and for god's sake, dont scratch your nose/eye area. It will end badly.

End of the class prject was to construct a 3 course menu. Me, being the out-of-the-box girl I am suggested Hawaiian, since I knew a lot of people would pick the typical New Orleans, Japanese and Italian....

And the winning menu is

Macadamia crusted coconut shrimp with mango/lime dipping sauce

Beef with pineapple jalapeño salsa and roasted asparagus.

Banana and Guava pie with homemade whipped cream

The only thing I have made since then is the shrimp. Something on my, "i dont care for foods," list. Everyone else likes it.

This blog will be here for me to expand all my creativeness. Whether it is cooking, painting or any other endeavor I will take on!

Till then...

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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