Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All my jewels....

All my Jewels...

So one of my oldest friends, Miss Rachel Mahaffey Hyers (thats so weird to say!) had this amazing creation for her jewelry!  So I stole the idea and made an ok ripped off version of it.  


Frame of your choice (I got impatience looking for a pretty, inexpensive one, so I figured I can paint this one if I want some piazza) 
Fence material ( I wanted smaller holes than the one Rach had)
Wire cutters (im such a handy woman now)
Hooks and Eyes ( mine were 1-1/2")
Duct tape

Measure out how much fence you will need by using the backing from the frame.  Rolling it out and getting it to stay is a bit of a pain, but try and gently bend it the opposite direction, and it will kind of straighten out.  Use the wire cutters to cut to the fence to the size.

Secure the fence with duct tape and TRY to bend down the "holders" on the frame.  Do the same to the opposite end.

Use the wire that came with the fencing to TIGHTLY secure the fence in place.  Do the same to the opposite end and take off the duct tape after the fencing is secure all over the frame.

Finito!  Finished product (already on my wall)

Begin hanging your earrings.  Use the hook and eyes to hang necklaces, bracelets rings and hoop earrings on 

Marvel at your creation :)

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  1. I can't even believe you did this literally days after I thought about doing it. Must be a sign from the gods that I need to do it too! I'll post a pic if it turns out!