Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another plant bites the dust...

So a few months ago, I came back from Amsterdam with beautiful looking tulip bulbs and went on a green thumb spree.  While at Home Depot buying soil for the tulips, I also purchased a few Dahlia bulbs.  I just really love a fresh oxygen for carbon dioxide exchange in my close quarters. 

Within a week I had a beautiful little green lady coming out of the soil!

Soon my beautiful Dahlia, I named Delilah (if you know anything about me, you know I name everything) was stretching out her little arms and legs, ready to feel the sunshine!

Nestled between Lilo & Stitch was a great spot for her to live. 

 I even bought her a beautiful new blue pot to live in!

But alas... I think that may not have been the best idea to repot her, because shortly after she was growing out of her last pot, even after I put in a growing stick thingy, she passed.  

This is the 3rd plant that was nestled between Lilo & Stitch that committed suicide.. I hope I don't have a couple of bullies on my hands.  I have been loving them for over 3 years without a bloom...THREE YEARS!!!!!!  and this is the response I get!

So, today I went to Home Depot and after telling the guy I was looking for a plant for my pot indoors, he replying, "well indoors is horrible for plants.  Invest in something silk because they are always pretty and you won't have to worry about all the care for a plant, like watering it," (WHAT A DICK!) I decided to leave the place I had always been so loyal to and venture to the Lowes.  

Much better experience.  

PS I know this is all super interesting, but I am a half a bottle deep in Chianti and felt the need to rant about HD for a minute.

So at Lowes, I found a new plant to call my own... if it will grow that is.

My darling Gus Gus' new home!

I really love Basil, so this was an impulse buy, but I'm stoked for fresh herbs! (I LOVE HERBS!)

Alright, Lilo & Stitch ... time to be the sweet kids I know you can be...

Welcome home GusGus the Zinnia & Benny the Basil!


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