Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gorgonzola stuffed burgers

Gorgonzola stuffed burgers

1 lbs of ground beef
fresh thyme
Worcestershire sauce

BUY FRESH THYME! I can not stress how amazing fresh spices and herbs are to recipes! That is the most important thing! Take just the leaves off the springs and chop it up.

In one bowl, add ground beef, salt and pepper to taste and the Worcestershire sauce (usually 11 shakes is can be overpowering if too much is added. Add chopped thyme and blend.

Make hamburgers of the meat. Usually 5 burgers can come out of a pound of beef.

After you've formed the burgers, make them into a bowl shape.

Add a spoon full of crumbled Gorgonzola into the bowl (the Gorgonzola is my favorite with the spices, but any cheese can be add to the middle. Cheddar would also taste great!)

Close up the top of the burgers by folding over the meat on top of the "bowl." I cooked the burgers on my george foreman, but leave the top of the GF up because sometimes the cheese will push out the sides and the top. Just grill them and watch them. Time it out based on how you like the meat cooked...usually 3-5 mins on both sides is good for my medium preference.

While the burgers are grilling, slice and toast the buns. Then put the two together with whatever toppings you like. I personally love cheese, so I put muenster on top of my burger. It is light enough of a cheese that it doesnt clash with the flavors of the burgers.

Bon Appetite!

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