Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers day painting

So I decided since I have no money and an extra canvas I would paint my mother some art. After thinking long and hard about what EXACTLY to paint her, i decided to go with a painting that incorporated a lot of things that had grave importance to her...so renaissance of me (it is one of my absolute passions to learn about art and what the artist ment when putting something in a piece..brillant!). So I decided to go with a piece of art I saw in Key West by my most FAVORITE modern artist Michael Gorban who is absolutely incredible and is known for having a little marble in every thing he paints (i just thought that was cool).


So there was a particular painting of his I used as an inspiration (i stress USED AS AN INSPIRATION) in figuring out how to incorporate all these symbolic elements without it looking like clutter...I stress my painting was just inspired and looked nothing like his...i wish it had...

A window.

A perfect way to show all my symbols, considering they are all outside items.

Before I get ahead of myself, these are the items i decided to use

Cardinal ~ my great grandmother. She told my mom, "whenever you see a cardinal, know that is me watching you)
Roses ~ my grandmother. She loved flowers, especially roses and spent all of her free time tending to her rose garden in clearwater.
Gardenia ~ my mother. We always have had a gardenia plant at our houses and she would pick one or two when they bloomed and put them in our house.
A waterford vase ~ She had one which broke and I remember thinking how regal we were when the sun hit it and it sparkled. She loved it.
SeaShells ~ She is from Clearwater Beach and all of our happiest memories with my grandmother were there. When she is cremated she wants to be sprinkled there.
Jasmine ~ me. They are one of my favorite flowers.

I also wanted there to be a sunset, because we always watched the sunset at clearwater beach...something that spoiled us west coast floridians. Still trying to figure out how to make it
work properly...

Anyways the gist of it is all of this is my great grandma, grandma and me always watching in on my mother and being apart of nature and her never having to feel alone. The seashells are supposed to be a "home" symbol that where ever you live, you can easily make it your home. There is also silver on the clouds, to always look for the silver lining in life...


Ok please dont judge too harshly. I love most of it when I drew it out and the painting part didnt come out as expected. I love the gardenias in the vase.

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