Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just be love...

. Just be love .

This painting was inspired by something my roommate heard from the singer Jason Mraz.  She said in this interview of Mraz, he and a couple friends were getting a tattoo that said, "be love." 

(the picture of the tattoos are above)

His reason behind it, though I can't find the exact quote anywhere is that basically everyone is looking for love or wanting love or showing love....

Maybe we should all just BE LOVE.

I just thought that was such a beautiful concept.  If everyone just was love, it would cover all the bases and the world would be so much more..incredible.  
I also just watched the movie "seven years in tibet," and feel a bit foolish that I didn't know that any of that was going on. 

Thanks AP History.

The tibetians are such a loving culture, I loved the scene where the people are building a movie theater for the Dali Lama and they are pulling worms out of the dirt and blessing them and reburying them in a safer location.  They believe in not inflicting any pain on any living thing, because that could essentially be your mother, from another life.  I mean, it is worms.  

It's just such a beautiful concept to just love everything.  

Just exude love.  

Just be love.

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