Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So it has come to my attention, that perhaps I am an old soul.

Margaret Whiting's, "Time after time," is a favorite time period of music.  I love Frank Sinatra, Pinot Noir and have aspirations of being the best housewife ever.  

It has also come to my attention that in a world or text messages and emails, no one sends any snail mail anymore.  Think about how happy you are to see a colorful envelope amidst all the bills and coupon books in your mailbox.  THINK!  I pride myself on my snail mail correspondence and to make things easier, am willing to share my secret.  

My card box.

I have had this box since my mother gave it to me on Easter when I was probably 13.  It looks like my old cat and I :)

Inside my card box, I keep 

  • My address book (essential)
  • Blank Thank you cards (have a couple different styles)
  • My return address labels
  • Stickers to close the envelopes
  • Stamps
  • Occasion cards (birthday, congrats, baby, engagement, thinking about you, sympathy)
  • ANY MOST IMPORTANT - Great smelling votive candles 

I know you may be thinking, this is a lot of crap, I'll never use it.  But you will.  It is important to brighten your friends and family's day or send condolences when needed.  It is a lot easier to send things, when you already have it in your home.  The reasoning for the votives, is so your card will smell great.  duh!  Remember back in the day when girls would spray their perfume on notes sent to their beaus?  This way it is the same idea, but the love is spread to everyone and you can pick a scent more pleasurable scent (baby powder isn't everyone's cup of tea).

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