Saturday, February 2, 2013

Holiday Party

I threw a last minute Holiday Party before I left for Europe.... right before Thanksgiving.  It was 90 degrees out and no one was quite in the "holiday mood," yet, but my friends were still troopers and celebrated with me.  A little known fact is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Holiday parties and cooking/baking for them.  I decided that since I would not be in the country to go to all the fun holiday parties, I would throw my own....6 days before the party actually took place.  Needless to say, Pinterest was a huge help.  I made 3 new pieces of art and lots of recipes for desserts and drinks! 

The Grinch

Spirit of Christmas
You cannot see it that well, but I wrote a secret message in lighter blue in the letters :)

For over our TV (with a fireplace DVD) I put JOY up and used a wreath for the "O"

Picture wall
I used 2 rolls of glitter wrapping paper on the wall and up the slogan over for fun pictures.  I also bought a few head props :)

 Dessert table

Rum mini Cupcakes
use THIS recipe, just use small cupcake holders and regular buttercream icing

Joy was the theme of the evening... Joy for all the wonderful things I have been blessed with this past year and for all the wonderful relationships I have cultivated throughout my life <3 font="">

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