Saturday, February 2, 2013

Oil painting with training wheels

Woohoo!  I got my first commissioned Art request!  The requester was my best friends mom, whom is from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.  She made my life super easy by sending her "inspiration piece," and telling me what she wanted specifically while being very laid back and letting me have creative freedom (something im not always the best with in the past...super TYPE A).  She let me know she wanted orchids and them to be more red than any color.   Plus she wanted a particular key on the window seal.  I looked at various pictures of St. Thomas, but inevitably just tried to get all the inspiration off the original piece she sent.

This was also my first time using oil paints...but not completely legit ones, the kind that can be mixed with water.  I call it oil painting with training wheels.  My decision to use oil paints was because it extends the longevity of the painting and gives a bit more of an "authentic look," with blending colors and what not....

Inspiration Art

Final Product

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