Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pintrest pins I have actually duplicated

So I know I am not the only person (lets face facts, by person I mean "girl") that has boards and boards of ideas I have pinned on Pintrest without actually creating them.  So I have been really trying to get better about it and try out the genius ideas... most of them have been incredible successes!

1.  Cinnamon Honey Tea

This is an incredibly DELICIOUS and healthy drink!  You drink it at night before bed and in the morning 30 minutes before eating.  I find it is easiest to make at night, especially if you have to get up early.

1) Boil water at night (enough for 2 mugs) and add cinnamon to it (I figure 2 dashes per mug)
2) Once it has COMPLETELY cooled to room temperature, add the honey.  Honey will loose its nutrients if heated.
3) Drink one of the mugs and put the other in the fridge for the morning.  

Remember, raw honey is going to give the best results.  The website I got it off of states:  

"The enzymes in the honey  remove fungus and 
bacteria in your digestive tract. It also states that you should see inches lost before weight loss. But, you might hit a plateau stage after awhile. I have also read that continuing to eat it, the mixture will help to stop fat from being stored in the body."
The way I look at it is, if it works, awesome!  If not, no harm done.  Cinnamon and honey are both so great for you in so many ways and this drink is so tasty, might as well drink it!  Right now I feel great, but I have only done it 3 times so far....will put more results as I go!

2)  Make your own Febreeze

In a larger 27 oz bottle emptied out:  
  • 1/8 Cup of fabric softener (I used Downy Citrus Spice) 
  • 2 tablespoons Baking Soda
  • Hot tap water 
 Combine all in bottle, shake well and use!  It smells AMAZING, but I'm a sucker for the "fresh laundry," scent!

I use to have a map of only Europe above my bed.  I put it there because I had just been to Europe and was so obsessed with going back, I figured it would be like my dream board/wish board, so seeing it all the time and having it above my head as I slept would release into me a way to go back....which it did.  After coming back the most recent time (Winter of 2012 as opposed to Summer 2012) I quickly realized there were so many other places in the world I wanted to see.  Specifically Australia and New Zealand, to see all my wonderful buddies I met as I traveled!  I bought a map of the world and to replace the limited dreaming of only Europe and knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with the Euro map...a lovely idea I had seen on Pintrest where you cut out hearts of places you lived/loved/visited/want to visit and put them all together in a frame.  Luckily, when I had returned home, one of my favorite frames had broke from my wall, but the actual FRAME was intact (I just went to Europe twice, you think I have ANY money left for crafts??).  I cut out a heart from some cardboard to use as a stencil and this is the finished product!  Super easy and is a great way to chronicle travel!  The most expensive part was the map ($7 at Barnes and Noble)!

Well that is the crafts I have made so far, but will keep this updated as I Conquer all my pins!  To see some of my Pintrest baking and cooking, just scroll down.  There is a lot!

Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing. 
-Salvador Dali 

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