Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dandelion art

So I am completely obsessed with this picture I found on Pinterest, and have been trying to figure out how I want to duplicate it, while still making it my own.    

Since I am so completely obsessed with Dandelions (as you can see in my most recent ink) and for me, I think they represent such a beautiful thing.  They have one of the strongest roots in the world and have a great knack for survival.  Although it is a weed, it is beautiful and represents a real whimsical, childlikeness.

I since I relate more to dandelions than birds, I decided that I wanted to show a girl (or me, notice the big culo) that is just walking and in front of her is a tiny dandelion.  The spores represent different dreams and aspirations.

I want it to read that as the female figure walks, the wind catches her ambiance and fills all the air behind her, almost like the way a scent does when you walk past someone in the mall.  I wanted a very "Pocahontas," feel.  

I wanted to really convey how colorful this figure makes the world, literally by just being in it.  She fills it will all these aspirations and positivity, it flows around her, very "Lady Lovely Locks," style. 

Not done, but when I get inspired again, I will finish it.

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