Monday, March 4, 2013

Room Facelift

So, in my effort to get "wedding ready," I have been taking a lot of energy enhancing things (no, not cocaine or meth) and as a result of that, I have become a super neurotic neat freak.  That side effect I can deal with.  Every now and then, I get the need the change things up a bit, so this is the almost end product of my speed rage.

I started collecting Disney & Harry Potter movies for my babies one day.  They are totally not for my enjoyment...

The corkboard I made with my Pi Beta Phi Lilly Pultizer scarf & Map of hearts 

I'm trying to be more simplistic.  Can you spot the little Ginger baby in this picture?

I decided to showcase all the self portraits and favorite quotes I made.  They are now all in my closet.  

My closet is quite colorful, and yes, it is too full.  I am currently selling items on ebay!

After watching "Million Dollar Decorators," I have tried out putting the books in my bookshelf at different levels and stacking them a bit.  Cook books, decorating & sex books.  Happy reading.

 I strung up blue Christmas lights on my curtain rod and have lights behind my mirror.  They create a very relaxing mood and I have them linked to a light switch.  The picture frames use to be over my bed, and I love where they are now.  My plants, Lilo&Stitch the Plumerias, Delilah the Dahlia and the smuggled in Tulips from Amsterdam are situated on a shoe rack that I bought from IKEA.  The "MAP," letters in the right corner are my initals and "my word," are from Sorrento, Italy (the city that smelt of citrus).

This is my final wall and I was going to make it my "travel," wall.  I am still, obviously, working on it.  In the left hand corner is my "scratch off map," which seemed like a great, fun thing, but ended up being a super stressful project (Europe is small, people!  Getting the coin to scratch off Spain and not Portugal took some skill).  I have a blank canvas that I still dont know what I want to do with (pictures of places I want to go or art?) and underneath that is my "to do list," which right now just consists of thinking happy thoughts.  The colorful piece in the middle is a collage I bought at an Art show in downtown Orlando, with the quote "Silence your inner critic." I reused the quote I had on the map I previously had over my bed and then I have my "1,000 places to see before you die," calendar.  This month is Scotland :)

Well, it is 12:29 am and my dog just got windy, so I'm going to put on my gas mask and go to sleep, leaving you with this MAPism quote...

Clean your room, clean your soul.

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